Melco Music Library Servers

Future-proof Your Music

Ground-up design and advanced engineering come together to produce a versatile, true high resolution audiophile quality music library file player, and high capacity music file server.

Melco's multi-award winning products provide the first worthy replacements for the CD player and a simple solution for storing and playing high quality networked music.
Melco HiFi Magazine Awards
  • Melco Audio D100 USB CD Drive
  • Melco Audio N1Z/2 Music Library Server
  • Melco Audio N1A/2 Music Library Server
  • Melco Audio N1Z/2 Music Library Server with top off
  • Melco Audio connection diagram
  • Melco Audio N1Z/2 Music Library Server
  • Easy Setup

    No computer or IT knowledge needed
    No computer required for installation and setup
    Pre-installed media server – no configuration required
    Simple front panel control
    Simple menu navigation and track selection
    Control using any smart phone or tablet
    Safe against power interruptions and unintended shutdowns
    USB output – no additional "drivers" required
  • Easy CD Importing

    Automated CD importing using an external plug-in USB Drive
    Fast import – under 5 minutes per CD
    Cover art and track info retrieved from the Gracenote Database
    Compatible with CD-DA, CD-Extra, and hybrid CDs
    Bit-perfect CD importing
    Choose CD imports as uncompressed WAV or FLAC
    Excellent data retrieval from damaged discs
    Files automatically added to the library
  • Advanced Technology

    High grade power supplies and audiophile components
    Dedicated LAN port for additional network player
    Light-piped Ethernet ports
    Separated power supply circuitry for LAN ports
    Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock
    Control from your favourite UPnP control point (App)
    Hard Disk Drives can be configured as internal RAID array
    PCM - up to 384kHz/32bit, DSD - up to 5.6MHz (2 x DSD)

Why do you need a Melco?

Melco Turntable Model 3533 Audio enthusiasts have always understood that the music source player is the most critical component in a complete hi-fi system.

The songwriters, musicians, record producers, and engineers all work together to convey the meaning of the songs, and bring enjoyment music lovers. Therefore, the source player is a vital component in recreating the original intentions of these music professionals.

The first widely accepted source player was the turntable — with the introduction of CD, a new era was born.

Along with their prized collection of records and carefully crafted turntables, arms and cartridges, audiophiles appreciated the need for the best CD player mechanisms and the most cd stackadvanced DAC (digital to analog converter) technologies to enjoy the best musical experiences in this digital world.

Compact Discs however are very limited in their capacity to store music — (officially) 74 minutes, although 79 minutes is possible — as well as their single resolution of 16bit / 44.1kHz. This has been the standard for consumers of digital music for more than 30 years.

Today, with the availability of high resolution digital music files, we can now avoid the limitations of the physical CD. For the first time in music history, we have the opportunity to hear the music at the same quality as was produced in the recording studio — without any limitation, just as the artists intended.

However while this is all potentially good news, in this age of “music files”, the concept of a true “Source Component” has been lost. Playback of high resolution music is entrusted to computer devices and technologies that are not designed or intended to be music players. Therefore it's not possible to fully enjoy the original musical experiences as the musicians, producers and engineers hope for.

The only real solution is to create a dedicated “Source Component” for high resolution digital music. Ideally this device would be able to access online Hi-Res music shops, store and manage the files, make the files available to other devices, and be able to play the files itself.

Melco N1Z Melco is proud to present the world's first true High Resolution Digital Music Source. Developed from the ground up by audiophiles, it has none of the compromises of computer based music players and devices.

By having a real source component to store, serve and play Hi-Res music, Melco offers the opportunity for the music lover to finally enjoy studio quality digital music without any compromise.

The Melco music library server player simplifies the whole digital music process — making music listening in the 21st century a high quality, enjoyable experience.

Melco Turntable Model 3533

Who Is Melco?

Melco was established by Makoto Maki in Japan in 1975.

As an enthusiastic audiophile, Maki established the company with the goal of designing & manufacturing the finest audio components of the time.

The undoubted masterpiece of the Melco line being the turntable, introduced into the UK in 1980, which set new standards in music reproduction at the time.

The company rebranded as "Buffalo Inc." while expanding into the computer industry. Buffalo Inc. is a manufacturer of Wireless routers, ethernet data switches and storage devices including NAS drives (and much more).

Today, Melco Holdings Inc. — the parent company of Buffalo Inc. and 13 others including Melco Audio — is the largest computer peripherals manufacturer in Japan.

But founder, Makoto Maki, remained a committed audiophile and in 2013 revived the Melco brand.

Melco offers discerning music lovers networked audio components in the spirit of those much revered early Melco products; incorporating the latest research into reliable, easy to use, high performance networked devices and storage.

'MELCO' is an acronym for Maki Engineering Laboratory COmpany.

Melco Turntable Model 3533
Melco Turntable Model 3533
Melco Turntable Model 3560
Melco Turntable Model 3560

A Word From Melco's Founder

Makoto Maki - The founder of Melco

I founded MELCO to use all of the available engineering resources at the time to craft hi-fi products of outstanding performance.

It gives me great personal satisfaction as a real audiophile to see the name MELCO on the front panel of these truly innovative products, which surely leads the way in bringing musical delight to users of streaming Hi-Fi systems.