Melco Official Australian Support

  • Compatible Melco Control Apps (UPnP)

    Apple iOS:
    8 Player    [more info] Air Player    [more info]
    PlugPlayer   [more info] AudioNet   [more info]
    Arcam Music Life   [more info] Kinsky   [more info]

    Mac OS:
    Kinsky   [more info] PlugPlayer   [more info]
    Bubble UPnP   [more info] AudioNet   [more info]

    Android Mobile:
    Bubble UPnP   [more info] AudioNet   [more info]
    Neutron   [more info] Kinsky   [more info]
    PlugPlayer   [more info]

    AudioNet   [more info] Kinsky   [more info]
    Bubble UPnP   [more info]

    Direct CD Import

    Melco N1A with optical drive for importing CD's

    Securely import and backup your CD collection into the Melco using a USB connected optical drive for bit-perfect CD Importing along with high quality metadata retrieved from the Gracenote online database.

    •   Simply connect a compatible optical drive to the rear panel USB 3.0 socket.
    •   Simple music import from a USB drive in just one button press.
    •   Gracenote metadata includes high resolution cover artwork.
    •   Interactive database lookup on N1 front panel OLED display.
    •   User selection of multiple versions of the same CD title.
    •   User selection of uncompressed WAV or flac — including lossless flac.
    •   Embedded WAV tagging.

    Automatic Music Downloads

    hi resolution music downloads

    The Melco will download Hi-Res music from participating vendors directly to the internal storage. It will also verify the integrity of the downloaded music files for total confidence in the quality of the download.

    Normally a download site is used to purchase music. After paying, when the “download” button is clicked, the files will arrive to the computer over the internet. Once found on the computer, the files can be transferred to a NAS (network attached storage) device on the network.

    Melco however will login regularly to the music vendor and check for any newly purchased music. It will then download the purchased files directly into a time stamped “Download” folder by account name. The data will then be automatically verified.

    A fully automated process — there is no need to even press the ”Download“ button when purchasing music.

    At this time, purchased Hi-Res music can be automatically downloaded by registered users from

    USB DAC Connection

    Melco N1A USB ports

    The internal architecture of the Melco also allows for a simple direct connection between the Melco and almost any USB DAC via a dedicated USB 3.0 port — removing the requirement for an Ethernet connected network player.

    The data internal to the Melco is ultra-low jitter, making it far better than any computer USB connection — giving the connected DAC the very best possible data stream to play.

    When a USB DAC is connected, the Melco advertises on the local network as a UPnP Player and is simply controlled using your favourite UPnP Control Point App.

    USB-DAC playback can be achieved at the same time as ethernet Direct Streaming Music (DSM) and LAN (local area network) streaming.

    The Melco has true Source Component grounding via the IEC mains, therefore avoiding any USB ground connection issues that are common when using PC sources.

    Network Server

    Melco N1A ethernet ports

    Melco's dedicated Ethernet port and Purifier allow for Direct Streaming Music (DSM).

    The DSM connection allows the player to be fed with precisely optimised data of any HD format including DSD, from a powerful internal UPnP Server.

    In conjunction with the player control App, the server ensures a delightful user experience. Data integrity and precision timing is assured by the ultra-low jitter internal data clock and the robust and precise data-bus architecture.

    The DSM connection can also establish the Player IP address if required — eliminating the requirement for a network connection providing the Player can be controlled locally from the front panel or an IR remote. No computer is required.

    Everything is accessible from a clear and informative front panel OLED display.

    The LAN port allows the Melco (as a NAS) to be seen by computers on the same local network. This allows for full music file management, SAMBA network file sharing, multi-room streaming, etc.

    Audiophile Engineering

    •   The N1Z has dual medical grade ultra-low noise 30W power supplies — separating LAN connectivity and internal and USB data bus. It is also supported with twin Buffalo Capacitor banks for extremely high stability.

        The N1A has a high performance single 60W power supply with noise reduction technologies.

        Multiple low noise regulators for long term stability.

        Specialised pulse isolating transformers for both ethernet ports ensuring accurate impedance match and isolation from network noise. LED port indicators with light-pipe isolation can be switched off.
    •   Active Ethernet Purifier isolates data on the LAN port from the Player DSM port.
    •   The N1Z has a solid aluminium front panel and casework with a noise eliminating, high stability “H” cross-frame for mechanical integrity.
    •   Ultra-low jitter system clock for outstanding audio quality.
    •   Japanese TAOC brand graded cast-iron and Oak isolation feet.

    Easy Operation

    •   A PC is not required for setup and installation — no specialist knowledge is needed. Simple setup from the front panel OLED display.

        Specific DSM (direct stream mode) IP port for use as an Ethernet Streamer / Player with separate LAN port for control and network. The Melco automatically creates a very simple robust network for control and streaming high resolution music.
    •   Simple power operation with “normal” ON/OFF switch — 15 seconds to power up and be ready, just 5 seconds to power down.
    •   Informative OLED display and only four navigation push buttons. The display clearly shows all relevant settings, connected devices, storage capacity, setup, and also shows the current song playing.
    • N1Z-angle-right-partial-small
    •   Simple Backup — your music is secure with USB connected Backup drive which will backup with a single button press.

        Simple Expansion — when your music collection outgrows the internal storage, a USB drive connected to the Melco will extend capacity without requiring any additional setup.

        The Melco has been designed with safeguards against unintended power down.
  • Front


    Melco N1A setup (front)


    Melco N1Z setup (front)
    Press to power on and off
    POWER INDICATOR This LED will light up while the Melco is on.
    Back / Previous
    OLED DISPLAY PANEL Displays the device's status and settings. In case of an error, it also displays the error message and code.
    Scroll down
    Scroll up
    USB 2.0 For importing music files from compatible USB devices (N1A only).



    Melco N1A setup (back)


    Melco N1Z setup (back)
    GROUND Grounding terminal.
    USB 3.0 For importing music files from compatible USB devices.
    EXPANSION Connect a compatible USB hard drive or USB flash drive to expand the storage capacity for audio streaming.
    BACK-UP Connect a USB hard drive here to back up or restore the contents or settings of the N1A / N1Z.
    LAN Use an Ethernet cable to connect this port to a wireless router, hub, or switch on your network to access the N1A / N1Z from computers and mobile devices on the same network.
    NETWORK PLAYER This is a dedicated port for Network Audio Players. Use an Ethernet cable to connect this port directly to a Network Audio Player or AV Receiver.
    AC IN Use the power cable.
    DC 5V OUT USB power port (500 mA). Not for data transfer (N1Z only).

    Connection Diagram

    Melco connection diagram
  • Manuals

    The N1A and N1Z manuals are continually updated as new firmware is released.

    Please click on the button to download the latest manual for your device from the Buffalo website:

    Download the current Melco manual

  • Please note that BMC Wholesale only provides support and warranty for Melco units which have been purchased from authorised retailers within Australia and New Zealand, and have been registered with us.

    A copy of the original purchase receipt and registration confirmation email may be required when making support or warranty enquiries.


    Buffalo provides a two (2) year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

    The warranty applies to the first end-user and is not transferable to subsequent owners and it applies only to the country/region of purchase.

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