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The hi-fi world has embraced the Melco music library servers by awarding numerous accolades and very positive reviews.

Melco HiFi Magazine Awards

Since 1975, MELCO has been designing and manufacturing some of the most revered high-end audio products available.

Melco has always appreciated the importance of the source component — in the analog world this was the turntable.

With the evolution of hi-resolution digital audio, Melco continues the legacy by offering audio enthusiasts the perfect solution to store and protect their precious digital music files — whilst playing them back at the highest possible quality.

Hand-built in Japan by a team of dedicated audiophiles and with the backing of parent company Buffalo Technology, the Melco range has already made a big impact on the playback of digital music.

Accessed via a USB connected DAC (digital to analog converter) fed from the bit-perfect internal Melco player, or via a dedicated network player, users finally have a high-end digital audio solution that is easy to setup and operate — without the need of computer or IT devices.

These units fit seamlessly into any system — and ultimately, sound exceptional.

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N1Z: If this is reading like a gushing rave, that’s because it is. The Melco N1Z is the product the audio industry needs to calm and win over those still reluctant to move into the 21st Century’s interpretation of digital audio. The N1Z is not “cheap” (although the N1A is considerably more affordable), but it is in the realm of “attainable” for most serious audio enthusiasts. And it delivers the goods, in spade-loads.

HiFi Critic Melco Recommended

N1Z: This is a well thought out product with particularly good functionality. It fulfils the objective of providing a simple-to-use “computer free” hard drive music source with very low noise and jitter. The luxury build N1Z aims high and is correspondingly costly, but its price still makes sense in the context of an audiophile digital transport, while the 4TB N1A at almost one-quarter the price is always available for a small reduction in quality. On balance, both examples may be recommended, except perhaps for diehard rockers, who will have to try it out for themselves, ideally in their own systems.

HiFi World Melco Recommendation

N1A: Hi-Fi Statement Magazine Part 1: When you are looking for a way to comfortably manage your collection of digital music, enjoy it with the best sound quality possible and without the need to mess around with computers in your scarce spare time, the Melco N1A is just what you need.

HiFi World Melco Recommendation

N1A: Hi-Fi Statement Magazine Part 2: If you thought all kinds of storage sound the same because it's digital, the Melco N1A will make you think again. It combines NAS functionality, ease-of-use and sound quality in a truly impressive way!

HiFi World Melco Recommendation

N1A: The Melco N1A is a truly impressive piece of equipment for anyone looking to house their music collection in one place. Bags of storage, simple to operate yet possessed of a gorgeous sound – it comes unreservedly recommended.

HiFi Choice Melco Recommendation

N1A: The Melco N1A is a network accessory that manages to deliver both performance and usability commendably well. If you are serious about streaming, this is a very fine one-stop solution to get the very best out of your system.

Fidelity Magazine Melco Recommended

N1A: The Melco can therefore be recommended most sincerely to any audiophile streaming fan. It is the perfect server partner for every high-end system. And if you have a refined USB-capable digital converter to call your own, you’ll even save yourself the network player. And that’s just what you're looking for.

AV Forums Melco Recommended

N1A: What the Melco brings beyond performance is “fit and forget” stability, effortless file handling and the sort of fit and finish that places it in happy company with other expensive audio products.


N1A: Melco claims that their N1A unit is capable of some amazing feats – any streaming audio player is supposed to sound better only because it gets its data from the N1A instead of a regular NAS. If you still want to use a separate player, that is, because if you hook it up to a USB DAC directly this premium NAS drive turns into a fully-fledged streaming player.